Saturday, 6 November 2010

Three months to go till publication!

Phew! We’re finally here in the new house in the Oxfordshire village of Eynsham. During the couple of days it took to move and unload, Dash stayed with a fellow greyhound owner. When she arrived on Tuesday, everything was unboxed, installed and ready in an attempt to minimize any anxiety. Her mat was in its usual place at the foot of the sofa; the DAP (dog-appeasing pheromone) was on full blast. Pity it’s also the fireworks season! Last night – after a barrage of bangers went off in a neighbours’ garden – she shot upstairs and hid under one of the beds. Not even a Toulouse sausage could tempt her out … and her trembling was enough to shake the bedframe. Poor thing. Quite a noisy and stressful salute to signal three months to go till publication!

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