Friday, 12 November 2010

Dash's auntie approves of publication

Another pair of endorsements for ‘Dash’ to report this week! First of all, from novelist Barbara Erskine: “A heart warming thoroughly enjoyable romp – a must for all dog lovers, everyone contemplating dog ownership and everyone contemplating marriage.” And this lovely one from Hilary Johnson of the Authors’ Advisory Service: “A true romance – the entrancing story of a man’s love for a woman and of how a retired racing greyhound captured both their hearts.” It also turns out that Hilary’s greyhound, Marie, is closely related to Dash. In fact, she’s her auntie! Since the offspring of stud dogs or ‘sires’ can go into the thousands, perhaps it’s no surprise … but it’s a nice discovery nevertheless. Let’s hope the world of book-reading greyhound owners is as closely connected and extensive as that of their hounds!

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