Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dash meets the publishing team

The big news this week was our trip to the publisher’s, Summersdale. We drove from Oxford to Chichester through freezing fog and rain (not nice) and had a full day of meeting and greeting, lunch, treats and generally being made a fuss of (very nice indeed). It’s hard to get four lovely ladies in one photo, but they are: Jennifer (glasses; Editorial and Rights Director), Nicky (beads; Sales Director) and Elly (polka dots; PR Manager). All of them are dog-owners or dog-lovers ... and now confirmed Dash-admirers. Dash herself took it all in her stride. She even managed to scale four sets of stairs to meet Abbie, the Editor of the book. As we made the last few corrections to the manuscript, Dash lay under the table and napped supportively. The final encounter of the day was with Alastair. More important than being the Managing Director, he’s the owner of one of Summersdale’s most prolific and best-selling authors: Milly Brown (a chocolate Labrador, no less). All in all, you’d be hard pressed to find a more dog-friendly and charming team!

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