Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dash back on the blog

Don’t worry – Dash is back and now ‘unmuzzled’! Apologies for the lack of postings over the last month, but a pause/paws was put on the blog due to negotiations with a UK national newspaper who want to run a piece about the story and book. So in this case, no news is most definitely good news! With less than two months to go till publication, momentum is starting to build. Dash herself is limbering up, too, and last Saturday, she led a greyhound walk in east Oxford. About fifteen hounds and their families braved the damp to show off their wet weather gear. There were even a few festive tinsel trimmings on coats and collars. Dash, as you’d expect, was comfortable out in front, and delighted to be among friends. If you’re looking for her in the photo, you can see her rear end actually disappearing off the right-hand side. Typical Dash – always moving at speed when the shutter goes! Also in preparation for publication, Dash is off to get her teeth checked and cleaned at the vet’s tomorrow. This is always a nerve-wracking occasion for owners of ex-racers since, due to the greyhound’s lack of insulating body fat, there’s a real risk in putting one under general anaesthetic. This risk being that it won’t wake up. Yikes! The thing is that, as a breed, greyhounds have notoriously bad teeth. Dash’s top front row are so loose they practically rattle, so watch this space in case the next posting brings news that she needs doggy dentures! 

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