Friday, 29 October 2010

Nervy Dash turns orange

Dogs just know when something is up. For days now – ever since we started serious preparations for the house move, in fact – Dash has been a bit out of sorts. She paces from room to room; she jumps up off her mat and stares at nothing. Maybe it’s the fact that the odd firework has already gone off in advance of Bonfire Night. Maybe it’s about being a nervy, ex-racing greyhound. Anyway, in an attempt to distract her, last week I added to her collection of toys. ‘Orange’ is a squashy, squeaky ball that looks like, you’ve guessed it, an orange. To say she’s become obsessed is an understatement. Clamped in her jaws, it squeaks and squeaks and SQUEAKS. Suddenly it’s like she’s got a voice, like she’s talking: ‘At last – something to get my teeth into.’ Let’s hope she doesn’t do the same with the book when it comes out!

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