Monday, 18 October 2010

Another endorsement

The past week has brought another celebrity endorsement! This time from TV vet and author, Emma Milne. She describes the book as “a brave and, at times, brutally honest account of what it’s like to be a pet owner”. She was also kind enough to bring her professional expertise to bear and correct a couple of facts in the bookproof. Did you know greyhounds and dogs don’t have ‘collarbones’? Scapulae, yes; collarbones, no. A basic mistake and one which I’m very grateful she spotted pre-publication. The other is that she thinks Dash’s hayfever may be a phenomenon called ‘reverse sneezing’. Apparently it happens in plenty of dogs - her own included - and there’s all sorts of sneezing and snorting vids to be seen on YouTube. It just goes to show that despite my obsession with all things greyhound, I remain nothing but a passionate amateur!

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