Monday, 7 February 2011

Publication day!!

Today’s the day – the book is out! The star herself wasted no time getting her nose (and what a nose!) stuck into it. On arrival of my author copies, I held up the cover for her to gauge her likeness. She sniffed; she sniffed again … and then she licked it. A most un-greyhoundlike show of slobbery affection. Or should that be narcissism? So here it is at last. All 300 plus pages of Dash’s story in black and white. I must say it looks exquisite. The ‘official’ launch is on 19th February, so I’ll continue to blog until then. In the meantime, let’s hope initial signs look good and the book flies of the bookshelves (both real and virtual) like an A1 champion out of the trap. Go, Dash, go – Bitch of the Year!!

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