Friday, 11 February 2011

Every bitch deserves a bed

Just a few days after publication and Dash is already striking a superstar pose. Here she is reclining with a few signed copies of her book. For those not in the know, the funny angle of her paws is because she’s ‘roaching’. This is something all hounds do, but particularly greyhounds, and it involves them lying stretched out on their backs with all four paws in the air. Call it a sign of how supremely laid-back they are as pets. In Dash’s case, the only thing that saves it from being completely brazen is her habit of curling her tail back over her private parts. She’s a lady after all! This position of complete abandonment is also due to the fact that she now has a brand new bed. After two years of hard dozing, her previous one looked, felt and smelt decidedly unsavoury. A spot of internet research revealed a company based in Scotland called ‘Tuffies’ who produce a range of super-comfortable, waterproof and chew-proof beds. Although Dash has taken chunks out of chairs and table before now, she’s never actually chewed her bed. She does have the odd ‘leakage’ however – largely due to laziness. Sometimes it’s just too much trouble to get up and go outside to the toilet. Anyway, thanks to ‘Tuffies’ ( the upshot is that she now spends most of the evening warm and dry, roaching happily in the lounge. I plan to take the bed next week and hope she does the same at the official launch of ‘Bitch of the Year’.

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  1. read the book and loved it, i have 3 and a half greys and love them to bits. a lot of your experiences we have had as well. i will have to look up the beds as our half hound had destroyed so many it becoming decidedly unfunny. Thanks for a great read and have a hug (for dash) from me and mine.
    Best wishes
    tracy johnson