Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Official launch of ‘Dash: Bitch of the Year’

So how did it go? Well, rather splendidly. The venue was amazing and the food and drink (kindly provided by Burgess pet care, http://www.burgesspetcare.co.uk/) was both abundant and great quality; there was also a fantastic turnout with close to eighty hot bodies; I read reasonably well; the Q&A went down a storm and we sold almost seventy copies of the book. So what went wrong? Well, Dash wouldn’t stay put (surprise, surprise). After a couple of minutes, she went walkabout in the theatre to greet all her friends. How could she resist? There was her ex-owner, her favourite neighbour, her sitter, her walking pals and a host of other people willing to lavish her with strokes. To tell the truth, I think she was probably on the scrounge for scraps as well. The day before the launch she’d been sick no less than four times in the lounge! This usually happens when she’s scavenged something particularly unsavoury in the street (I try to keep my eye on her, but sometimes she’s too quick). Fortunately, by the time of her star appearance, she seemed back to her old self, if slightly slimmer. The photographer snapped; the audience clapped and were very generous with their praise. Now that we’re finally here and the book is officially launched, I’m wondering if I should stop blogging. Perhaps I’ll give it just one more week …

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  1. So glad it was a success!

    I picked up Dash at Gatwick last week and greedily devoured it, as I'm feeling greyhound-deprived these days after losing my 2 dear greyhound friends.

    What was so fun about your book was reading things Dash does that Alvin and Jessie also did. Your comment about walk scraps rang true today--they're irresistible to greys!