Thursday, 6 January 2011

One month to go till publication!

Fact: dogs don’t like being dressed up. The funny thing about greyhounds, however, is that always wear such a stoical expression if you try it. Here’s a snap of Dash in her tinsel stole and bauble ear-rings. We were taking down the Christmas decorations and I couldn’t resist seeing what she’d look like with a festive makeover. Amused? Hardly. Classy? Maybe. In fact, there’s something of Bet Lynch about her (for those of you who still remember Corrie’s bedecked barmaid). But enough frippery, since we’re now just one month away from publication of ‘Dash: Bitch of the Year’. 2011 at last. According to the publisher, the orders are already coming in … and we’ve even got our first post-launch event scheduled. DAWG (a Bristol-based greyhound and lurcher rescue organization) has asked us to take part in a sponsored walk and then sign copies of the book. Luckily, I’ve already got Dash to do a pawprint for just such an occasion. I can’t say it was an easy thing to do – it involved experiments with poster paint, an ink pad and – eventually – shoe polish. The kitchen was covered in black smudges, but the resulting print was so good it might make it into the back of the book and a mini version could appear on the spine. Talk about making your mark!

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