Friday, 14 January 2011

It’s official – Dash is now a ‘Supadog’

Dash has taken to standing under the table at mealtimes. She insinuates herself between the human and furniture legs, hoping for the odd dropped morsel. With my one-year-old son Freddy in attendance, dropped morsels are a distinct possibility. She’s choosy however – if it happens to be fruit or veg, forget it. Anything dairy, meaty or fishy disappears immediately. I’ve seen other greyhounds (particularly males) that will eat a little and then wander off, leaving the rest for later. Not Dash. She troughs at top speed until the metal bowl is so clean you could use it as a shaving mirror. When she was first adopted, it was a real struggle to find a brand of food that didn’t trouble her delicate digestion. It took us three months before we discovered something which filled up her front end and didn’t bother her back end, if you know what I mean! This was Supadog Sensitive from Burgess. We then graduated to Supadog Greyhound & Lurcher – specially formulated for ex-racers (high in fish oils for overworked joints; low in protein to reduce anxiety and hyperactivity). The nice thing is that Burgess also donates 20p for every pack sold to greyhound and lurcher rescue charities. If this sounds like an ad, well … it’s definitely an endorsement from a happy customer. And I’m delighted to say that Burgess has now agreed to sponsor the launch of Dash’s book! They’ll be providing wine and nibbles on the night. Hopefully the latter will prove as digestible as Dash’s daily intake … but somewhat tastier!

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