Friday, 22 April 2011

Silent radio star!

We’ve now made two radio appearances in connection with ‘Dash: Bitch of the Year’. The first was BBC London’s Barking at the Moon – a dedicated doggy programme which woofs its onto the airwaves every Thursday night. Due to the fact that it’s broadcast from central London at a late hour, I had to leave Dash behind. :( Nevertheless, the two presenters – Jo Good and Anna Webb – were delightful – and even read out a couple of extracts during the interview. Listening back when I got home however, I was surprised at how unlike myself I sounded. A bit smug, perhaps even pretentious. Ah, well. Wish I’d had my greyhound sidekick with me – her paws seldom leave the ground. Fortunately, I was able to bring her along when we guested on BBC  Oxford. :) From the moment when Dash charged into reception wearing her red and gold coat, she charmed all before her. The receptionist, a young Irish guy, turned out to be a fan of ex-racers; the producer likewise; and Jo Thoenes (pictured above), the presenter of Jo in the Afternoon, had to suppress the giggles as a long wet nose poked over the desk and dangerously near the mike. At times like this, I wish greyhounds actually made more noise! A bark, a growl or a howl on demand to connect with the listeners. Instead, Dash sniffed and snuffled around the studio before stretching out on her mat. The silent radio star; the greyhound diva. Needless to say, the interview went much better with her in attendance. The next event in the promotional calendar is the Greyhound Walks Show ( on Easter Day in Essex. Read all about it in the next posting!

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