Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Dash does Crufts

For four days in March, the Birmingham NEC is home to the largest dog show on the planet. If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that Dash and I just happened to have a free ticket. I’d expected it might be a difficult day logistically, but the first challenge came sooner than I guessed – getting Dash out of the car park. There were so many puddles, spits, spots and trickles of wee to sample, it was like dragging an alcoholic past a winery. And don’t even mention the number of canine behinds that jogged invitingly in every direction. Eventually, however, we reached our destination and took our place at the stand of Tuffies dog beds ( who’d invited us to make a guest appearance. Saturday was ‘Hound and terrier’ day, so I was hopeful that a fair percentage of people would be pleased to see a pretty greyhound in a red and gold coat. It turns out I was right. From the moment when Dash flopped onto one of the dog beds until we took our leave a few hours later, we were never short of company. The fact that it was also Crufts’ 120th anniversary meant that it felt extra-special to be part of it all. We even made it onto the official website with a couple of photos and a lovely little article entitled ‘A greyt read for dog-lovers at dfs Crufts’! As if I didn’t need reminding, it seems greyhounds really do inspire a particular affection and sympathy. With so much attention, Dash, of course, was in doggy heaven. It was also quite a commercial success since we ended up selling one copy of ‘Dash: Bitch of the Year’ every four minutes! ‘What now?’ I hear you ask. Well, next stop Broadcasting House! I’m due to appear on BBC Radio London’s ‘Barking at the Moon’ with Jo Good and Anna Webb. Tune in tomorrow (Thursday 16 March) from 22.00–24.00 for more Dash-related fun ...

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